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Mariusz Jagodziński and Michał Ferenc Join the Board of Mount TFI

Mariusz Jagodziński and Michał Ferenc have joined the board of Mount TFI, a Polish company specializing in creating investment funds dedicated to corporate financing. This strengthening of leadership will facilitate the further expansion of Mount TFI in the Polish capital market and its continued growth.


  • Mount TFI is continuing its dynamic development in the Polish market. We welcome two recognized managers with extensive experience in asset management, as well as debt and equity financing for companies, to our board,” says Mikołaj Motz, CEO and founder of Mount TFI. “Leveraging their knowledge and skills, we aim to expand our investment spectrum and enhance our offerings for our investors. Mariusz Jagodziński has over twenty years of experience in leadership roles in leading companies and investment funds. He previously served as the CEO of AgioFunds TFI, from which he resigned at the end of July. He is a graduate of the University of Gdańsk and the Warsaw School of Economics, holding licenses as an investment advisor and securities broker.
  • Mount TFI has assembled an excellent team of professionals who combine professionalism with high ethical standards and respect for the fundamental assessment of company values – that’s the hallmark of this TFI,” says Mariusz Jagodziński. “I am delighted to join this group of specialists. I believe that together we will create a new standard in the financial market. Michał Ferenc has been associated with Mount TFI since 2018. He has previously served as the head of the private debt department and funds manager. With twenty years of experience working with the largest investment funds in Poland, he has completed nearly 50 private debt transactions at Mount TFI, with a total value exceeding 300 million PLN, generating a return of 39% for investors over five years. He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and holds an ACI Dealing Certificate. As a board member, he will be responsible for the Asset Management Department.
  • Mount TFI is one of the leaders in private debt in the Polish market, and the growth of this area remains our priority,” adds Michał Ferenc. “Our goal is to strengthen our position in the private debt market in Poland, increase the number of transactions, expand beyond the country’s borders, and attract institutional investors. By financing companies, we aim to support the development of the Polish economy. Mariusz Jagodziński and Michał Ferenc assumed their positions on the board at the beginning of September. The board of Mount TFI currently consists of five members. Founded in 2009, Mount TFI is one of the leaders in non-bank corporate debt financing for businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. It specializes in investment projects with transaction values exceeding 5 million PLN. It offers investors a diversified and attractive portfolio of corporate debt assets, managing assets with a total value of 930 million PLN invested in businesses representing seven industries.