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About Mount TFI


Private Debt Financing Experts

We bring capital together with promising business projects. We manage private debt funds specializing in corporate debt financing. We offer investors a diversified and attractive portfolio of corporate debt assets.


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We are one of the leading non-bank providers of corporate debt financing for businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. Our expertise lies in investment projects valued at over 5 million PLN.

We hold high rankings in the industry.


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Private Debt is…

debt financing for businesses provided by institutions other than banks, such as investment funds, asset management companies, pension funds, or insurance companies.


How it works?

Companies seeking capital issue bonds that the fund fully subscribes to. Financing is preceded by a thorough evaluation process. Fund investors receive a diversified product based on the debt securities of dozens of issuers.

Advantages of investing in private debt funds:

  • significant growth potential in the private debt market in Poland
  • favorable risk-to-reward ratio – debt repayment is secured before equity holders
  • stable and predictable returns
  • professional oversight by an experienced team

Advantages of private debt financing:

  • speed – the analysis of the company’s situation and the decision is usually faster than other forms of financing
  • flexibility – while banks apply uniform rules and procedures for all entities, non-bank entities providing debt financing tailor their approach to each company individually
  • preservation of ownership structure – the fund does not interfere with the ownership structure

In Poland, there are few entities offering non-bank debt financing to entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, domestic companies have substantial financial needs. This combination of factors creates a unique opportunity for the development of private debt funds.